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New Carthago Motorhomes

New Carthago New Carthago

Carthago C-Tourer Motorhomes

The C-Tourer is the perfect all-rounder, with all the advantages of a Carthago and an amazingly attractive price-performance ratio. Available in the C-Tourer Lightweight and the C-Tourer Comfort, with the Lightweight offering an airy interior built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Comfort emitting a homely feel built upon a Fiat Ducato, you have the option of two completely different styles to find what suits you best whilst keeping the same impressive specifications. 

Featuring an astonishing amount of storage, from underfloor storage to external compartments and even a garage that fits a scooter, you have more than enough room for everything you need for those big adventures. Packed with convenient details around every corner such as an electrical entrance step, overhead cabinets, Truma Combi 6, ambient lighting and so much more to optimise your experience. Come down to Go European today and view the full range for yourself.

Carthago C-Compactline Motorhomes

As the lightest motorhome of the integrated Premium Class, the C-Compactline is suitable for urban areas and thanks to its 15cm narrower exterior width and compact vehicle lengths, it’s easier than ever to explore to further depths. With ‘smartline’ furniture design perfectly adapted to the vehicle width, ingenious solutions and overhead storage to maximise living comfort, and freedom of movement, there’s no need to compromise with the C-Compactline. Featuring the biggest drop-down bed in its class above the driver’s cab measuring at 180 x 160, you’re sure to get an amazing night’s sleep and wake up fresh and raring to go. 

With a whole host of amazing features as standard such as AL-KO low frame special light, bus mirrors, garage access from both sides, side seat bench, swivel out shoe cabinet, living area table with multiple adjusting facilities and so many more features to discover, the C-Compactline is the perfect place to build memories with your loved ones.

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Carthago Chic E-Line Motorhomes

As the jewel in the crown of the Carthago liner class, the Chic E-Line brings more comfort, self-sufficiency and independence than ever before. With elegance at the forefront of both the exterior and interior, the E-Line brings a five-star experience anywhere you go. For 2021, the new generation is more exclusive and comfortable than ever. With some models built upon Fiat Ducato and others upon Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, you can be sure of reliability and versatility while you’re on your travels.

With impeccable style throughout from its lavish bright seating areas to its sleek and modern kitchen space, you’re sure to fall in love with the E-Line and the essence it brings to motorhoming. Packed with tech and innovation this motorhome is sure to impress, with new features to discover around every corner, this is a motorhome that just keeps giving. 

Carthago Chic C-Line Motorhomes

Elegance, comfort and extravagance combine to form the Chic C-Line range. Unrivalled when it comes to payload, storage space, driving comfort, modern design and pure living comfort, the Chic C-Line is luxurious, extravagant, comfortable and thoroughly practical. With a fresh but warm interior style throughout created from the combination of wooden features and cream upholstery, the Chic C-Line has an elegance like no other. 

Its charm truly sets the Chic C-Line apart from the rest, with stylish design and unique storage solutions, the Chic C-Line has so much to offer. From ingenious storage solutions under raised beds, room-high wardrobes, overhead storage throughout and various exterior compartments, whether you’re going for a weekend break or travelling for months on end, you can rest assured you have plenty of room for everything you need.

View Chic C-Line Models

Carthago Chic S-Plus

Oozing class and comfort, the Chic S-Plus is bound to take your breath away. No matter how remote your location or how daring your day is, you can always return home to luxury with the Chic S-Plus. Featuring little luxuries such as a pull-out shoe cabinet, a large drop-down bed, seat upholstery with comfortable ergonomics and side leather panels and many other finishing touches to make your trip just a little more luxurious.

Whether you’re traveling for a relaxing weekend away, a week’s break with the family or planning on hitting the road for months on end, the Chic S-Plus has more than enough storage so you can travel to your hearts content, with large external storage areas, underfloor hatches leading to further storage, overhead cupboards and various convenient storage spots inside, the Chic S-Plus has you covered. Come visit us today at Go European to discover the full 2021 Carthago Chic S-Plus range.

View Chic-S Plus Models

Carthago Liner-for-Two Motorhomes

The perfect choice for a couples looking for a romantic getaway or craving to explore, the Liner-for-Two is prepared with everything you need, all you have to do is get up and go. Setting standards among motorhomes like never before with a spacious rear lounge seating group, a luxury washroom and an extra wide kitchen so you can cook up a storm. With summer chestnut décor, a large luxury living room table, three large panoramic windows, a large Heki sunroof and even a wine storage pull out, this motorhome range comes with everything you need to live the luxury lifestyle you deserve. Perfect for kicking back with a glass of wine, this cosy interior makes for a wonderful home-from-home, thanks to its spacious four room effect. 

You’re guaranteed to be impressed with everything the Liner-for-Two has to offer, with ingenious design throughout, kitchen and bedroom spaces are optimised to give you an experience like no other, and you’re sure to get a good night’s sleep with the high-quality 7-zone foam mattress with breathable climate quilting.

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