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New Carthago Motorhomes 2022 Range

New Carthago Motorhomes New Carthago Motorhomes

Carthago C-Tourer Motorhomes

The Carthago C-Tourer is the ultimate all-rounder when it comes to motorhomes, equipped with all the advantages of a Carthago Motorhome while maintaining a great price-performance value. Our C-Tourers are available in both a lightweight and comfort model, which both offer a spacious luxurious interior design and layout so you can replicate that homely feel no matter where on the road you are.

The Carthago C-Tourer comes with comfortable living in mind, with extra-large beds available in an array of layouts to best suit you and your desired set up. Choose from a variety of designs giving you full customisation of the interior of your motorhome, including different bathroom solutions and seating arrangements to ensure you are ready for those big adventures. To ensure your living space remains uncluttered and organised, the C-Tourer provides a huge basement heated storage space, scooter garage and storage lockers throughout the cabin. Come down to Go European today and view the full range for yourself.


Carthago C-Compactline Motorhomes

The lightest motorhome in the integrated 3.5T premium class from Carthago is the C-Compactline motorhome. The Carthago C-Compactline is the perfect choice for those who find themselves navigating tight city roads thanks to its 15cm narrower width than other models, making it a relaxing drive wherever you may find yourself. As expected with Carthago motorhomes, the interior still provides a spacious and luxurious feel despite the slightly narrower chassis. With “Smartline” furniture architecture you can be sure every inch of space has been squeezed out of the chassis, enabling you to ride in comfort.

With a whole host of amazing features as standard such as AL-KO low frame special light, bus mirrors, garage access from both sides, side seat bench, living area table with multiple adjusting facilities and so many more features to discover, the C-Compactline is the perfect place to build memories with your loved ones.

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Carthago Chic E-Line Motorhomes

The Carthago Chic E-Line is top of the range when it comes to luxurious motorhomes. The Carthago Chic E-Line boasts an enormous living room height of 211cm coupled with deluxe “emotional” furniture to give you the spacious and lavish feel that is to be expected within the top tier of motorhomes. With models being built upon both Fiat Ducato and Mercedes-Benz chassis’, you can be certain that you are getting a smooth, safe, and economical ride wherever your journeys take you.

The impressive interior carries through onto the outside, with the Carthago Chic E-Line having a sleek and elegant finish. Sporting carefully cut decals and shaping, you are sure to stand out amongst the crowd in this motorhome. Come and visit Go European today to view the full range in person or get in touch with our team for more information.


Carthago Chic C-Line Motorhomes

With a new generation coming for the 2022 season, the Chic C-Line range is better than ever. The new 2022 Carthago Chic C-Line combines elegance, comfort, and practicality to raise this motorhome to a new level of luxury. Built on the Fiat Ducato AL-KO or the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AL-KO, the Chic C-Line provides a comfortable driving experience. With a warm interior style throughout created by the combination of wood and cream upholstery, the Chic C-Line has an elegance like no other.

The Carthago Chic C-line provides ample storage solutions such as overhead lockers, a double floor basement, and a scooter garage to ensure your living space stays tidy and spacious no matter how much you bring with you. You can rest assured you will have plenty of room for everything you need. Come and visit Go European today to view the full range in person or get in touch with our team for more information.

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Carthago Chic S-Plus

With visual similarities to the E-Line, it is no wonder the Carthago Chic S-Plus oozes class and comfort. No matter how long your journey or how tough your day, you can always return home to luxury with the Chic S-Plus. Each floor plan and layout has been designed to be comfort-oriented to ensure the smoothest ride possible. This includes lots of innovative storage solutions such as pull-out work surfaces, a bar, and show cabinets in the kitchen. This ensures you can get the most out of your space without sacrificing any comfort for practicality.

Whether you’re traveling for a relaxing weekend away, a week’s break with the family or planning on hitting the road for months on end, the Chic S-Plus has more than enough storage so you can travel to your heart’s content. With large external storage areas, underfloor hatches leading to further storage, overhead cupboards, and various convenient storage spots inside, the Chic S-Plus has you covered. Come visit us today at Go European to discover the full 2022 Carthago Chic S-Plus range.

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Carthago Liner-for-Two Motorhomes

The Carthago Liner-For-Two is an exceptional and unique motorhome perfect for those looking to get away in style. The Liner-For-two is designed with a unique 4 room concept separating the seating area, kitchen, bathroom, and drivers cab into 4 different areas of the chassis. For added ease and comfort, the Liner-For-Two comes equipped with electronically lowered beds so after a long day you can relax and sleep with minimal effort. This motorhome has been prepared with everything you need; all you have to do is get up and go!

With an expertly crafted interior with a smooth flowing waveform design, this motorhome exudes luxury of the highest tier. Upholstery constructed with a multilayer premium foam core and back support functions make this motorhome really stand out from the crowd when it comes to kicking back and relaxing. With a large Heki III skylight, the entire cabin of this motorhome gets plenty of natural light while also being equipped with Led lighting

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