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Carthago Motorhome on the Road

The History of Carthago Motorhomes and Why It Is So Popular


  1. Carthago C-Tourer
  2. Carthago C-Compactline
  3. Carthago Chic E-Line
  4. Carthago Chic C-Line
  5. Carthago Chic S-Plus
  6. Carthago Liner-for-Two

For seven years running Go European has been the Carthago Dealer Of The Year, and we’re proud to have continually provided these exceptional quality German-manufactured motorhomes to the UK market.

Why are Carthago motorhomes so popular here? We think it’s because they offer an experience which is a cut above. It’s all about the quality through each individual part of the motorhome – the excellence of the engineering, of course, but also the smartness of the luxury interiors. But how did this highly desirable brand get to this point?

Currently based out of a planet in Aulendorf, Germany, Carthago was founded in 1979 by Karl-Heinz Schuler, on the premise of providing tailor-made conversions to customer specifications, using any suitable basic vehicle. There are now hundreds of dedicated staff working on these highly desirable motorhomes.

With a strong focus on quality, ideas and innovation right at the core of their mission, Carthago offers motorhomes with outstanding living spaces and impeccable interiors, whatever your specific requirements. Exceptional standards mean outstanding build, and the current ranges available from Carthago are some of the best motorhomes on the market. Quality is the absolute core of the experience, with Carthago motorhomes providing unrivalled luxury and sophistication for their owners.

The current ranges are:

1.     Carthago C-Tourer: This is Carthago’s ultimate practical all-rounder, well equipped and kitted out but maintaining a great balance between price and performance. The Carthago C-Tourer motorhome comes in a range of lengths to choose from (7.47m extended layout or 6.8m), and a multitude of model weight classes (lightweight models from 3.5t, higher weight models up to 4.5t). Carthago C-Tourers are built with a focus on home-from-home living: Extra-large beds, comfortable bathroom solutions and seating arrangements all ensure you’ll be well prepped for your adventures, and the basement heated storage space, scooter garage and storage lockers mean practical necessities don’t compromise luxury.

2.     Carthago C-Compactline: This is the lightest vehicle in the integrated 3.5t premium class. It’s 15cm narrower than other models, so is the most ideal Carthago motorhome if you’re going to be doing some urban travelling – city streets etc. Despite the narrower chassis, the Carthago C-Compactline still maintains the brand’s dedication to luxury, with Smartline furniture ensuring every inch of comfortable space is leveraged from the chassis. A fold down bed and rear fixed bed (of either twins or transverse double) means no compromising on space or comfort.

3.     Carthago Chic E-Line Motorhome Range: Top tier for luxury is the Carthago Chic E-Line, built on Fiat Ducato and Mercedes-Benz meaning safe and economical engineering. Floods of light into an enormous living room height (211cm) coupled with deluxe furniture gives a truly lavish feel in a spacious area. With four / five sleeping spaces across the models, the lounge area allows you to socialise before retiring in the drop-down beds, fixed beds or convertible lounge seats. The ultimate in motorhome lifestyle and comfort! The quality of the Chic E-Line’s interior is reflected on the exterior of the vehicle, with a sleek and elegant finish sporting carefully cut decals and shaping.

4.     Carthago Chic C-Line Motorhome Range: Built on Fiat Ducato AL-KO or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AL-KO, the Carthago Chic C-Line offers a comfortable driving experience. The interior style is all about comfort, with the wood and cream upholstery offering an elegance which has to be experienced to be believed! With smart storage solutions such as overhead lockers, a double floor basement and a scooter garage, the living space will stay tidy and uncluttered however much stuff is taken on a break.

5.     Carthago Chic S-Plus Motorhome Range: Though there is some visual similarity to the E-Line, the Carthago Chic S-Plus has an Iveco Daily high traction rear-wheel drive with dual wheels. The vehicle is classy and comfortable, with each floor plan and layout s designed to ensure the smoothest experience possible. This means lots of innovative storage options such as pull-out work surfaces, a bar and show cabinets in the kitchen, underfloor hatches leading to further storage, overhead cupboards and various other convenient spots inside. The four expertly designed layouts each offer an over-cab bed, fixed rear bed and make up lounge bed – that’s an impressive five sleeping spots.

6.     Carthago Liner-for-Two Motorhome Range: This unique ‘four room’ A-class motorhome (seating area, kitchen, bathroom and cab) is designed for the ultimate convenience as well as high performance. It comes on either a Fiat Ducato AL-KO or Iveco Daily base, allowing for the choice between 5.6t and 6.7t. It’s equipped with electronically lowered beds (so after a long day you can relax with the minimum of effort) and the furniture’s upholstery has been constructed with a multilayer premium foam core and back support – so you can kick back in comfort. The large Heki III skylight offers plenty of natural light, though the Carthago Liner-for-Two is also equipped with LEDs.

With Carthago the pinnacle of design, engineering and fitting, Go European is proud to offer them to the UK motorhome market. Check out more information about the new motorhomes we currently have on offer from Carthago here. Feel free to contact us to discuss these amazing vehicles!

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