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Carthago Liner-for-Two Motorhomes

The Carthago Liner-for-Two is the perfect 2 – 4-berth motorhome for couples and smaller families, with several layouts to choose from and all the features you require for a great holiday. For a start, the Fiat Ducato chassis features ABS, stability control, hill hold assist and hill descent control.

Clever layouts

The Liner-For-Two’s smart interior showcases a unique four-room concept which separates the driver’s cab, kitchen, bathroom and seating area. Upholstery is constructed with a multi-layer premium foam core and back support to make this motorhome as comfortable as possible. It feels great, too, with a large Heki III skylight which floods the interior with natural light, as well as large windows, giving a panoramic view of your surroundings.

Hotel-style comfort

The Liner-for-Two is perfectly kitted out. Electronically lowered beds mean less exertion when it’s time to sleep. The kitchen has all the necessary appliances, including a gas cooker, fridge-freezer and oven. There is also plenty of storage space for all your gear, including overhead lockers, cupboards and outside storage compartments.

Every new Carthago motorhome from Go European comes with a manufacturer warranty, and we also guarantee insurance cover for your first journey home.

Explore inside the Liner for Two

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