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Buyers Guide to Used Motorhomes

Buyers Guide to Used Motorhomes

Buying a motorhome from new from a dealership is a relatively easy process during which you will be able to take several things for granted. For instance, all appropriate paperwork (service history etc) will be straightforward – and, of course, the vehicle itself will be absolutely ‘box fresh’. Almost certainly there will be no cosmetic issues with either the interior or the exterior, no mechanical issues and no wear and tear.

However, it’s a slightly different ‘game’ when you’ve chosen to buy used motorhomes. There are things you should consider, and certain steps you should take to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money or, at least, that you are happy with paying a certain amount for the vehicle you have in mind. In this edition of our blog we’ll run through some of those things you should think about and the things you should look out for. In effect, we’ll offer you a ‘buyer’s guide’. Once you’ve read it, take a look at the used motorhomes we have on offer at Go European


1. Condition

This is a very important aspect of your used motorhome purchase. The condition of any prospective vehicle is going to be something you want to pay attention to – although it’s fair to say that the vast majority of pre-owned motorhomes will be in good condition.

No-one buys from new and spends the kind of money a motorhome costs to then neglect its upkeep and maintenance and ‘allow it to rot’ or fall into a state of disrepair. In fact, the opposite is the case. The vehicle will have been someone’s pride and joy, in essence, and they are likely to have done whatever they’ve needed to keep it in tip-top condition.

Regular cleaning and diligent maintenance will have been done at the least. Keeping an expensive vehicle in good condition helps retain some of its value when it comes to resell. So it’s a fair bet that any used motorhome you look at buying will have been very well looked after. However, you should anticipate an acceptable level of wear and tear. This is normal – taking a vehicle out on the roads means it is subject to ‘real life’ conditions and environments, and so it is not going to be ‘box fresh’ when it comes to reselling.

You should look out for things like the condition of the tyres, the number of miles on the clock, the state of the seals around windows and doors… Basically, everything you can think of that could possibly ‘go wrong’ or be ‘damaged’ in any way is worth investigating. As we’ve said, there’s a good chance that nothing will be wrong or, if there have been issues in the past, they have been kept on top of or dealt with already.


2. Teething Problems

Buying a motorhome brand new doesn’t actually mean that it will be free from issues. There may be one or two things that have to be ironed out in the very early stages of ownership (of a brand new motorhome). The plus side of this is that if you buy a used motorhome you can more or less take it for granted that these sorts of issues have been long dealt with by the previous owners of the vehicle.


3. History

It’s important to make sure that all of the paperwork appropriate to any used motorhome you are thinking of buying is present and correct. This will include service history, keeper documents and the like. If you buy in a private sale it is a good idea to check that these things are actually available to you from the seller, as they are your reassurance that you know exactly what you are buying.


4. Extras

One of the greatest things about buying a pre-owned motorhome is that you will get great value for your money when it comes to extras. Additional ‘packs’ (media packs, or furnishing packs etc) may have been bolted on to the original purchase by the first owner, and these will be included in the current price. So, in effect, you’ll be getting a vehicle with a higher specification for less money than you’d have paid from new.


5. VAT and Depreciation

Value Added Tax is not something you can avoid when you purchase a new motorhome – but the amount is a lot smaller when you buy a used vehicle. You will also find that the rate of depreciation (that is, the rate at which the resale value of your motorhome decreased once you’ve bought it) is slower with a used motorhome than with a new one. So when you think about selling it in the future, you could reasonably expect to get a good proportion of your money back.


When you buy used motorhomes from Go European, you are guaranteed a great vehicle because we are a premier dealership offering the best vehicles around. You will get a motorhome which has been well looked after and, under your new ownership, will enhance your life and make the on-the-road lifestyle a pleasure.

You can find the right motorhome for you by browsing our website, and once you have seen something you like then simply get in touch!

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