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Go European has a large selection of great value used motorhomes for sale, including coachbuilt and A-class – and we can help you find the right model for you! All of our second-hand motorhomes are in pristine condition as every vehicle goes through a thorough inspection and cleaning process before being put on sale.


Buying a used motorhome means you have more freedom with your purchase as you can consider more high-end models that may otherwise have been out of your price range. Pre-owned motorhomes have no initial depreciation, and many of them come with upgrades and additions that the previous owner has installed. More value for money!


We stock used motorhomes models from various manufacturers, including Auto-Sleepers, Swift and Carthago. You can find two to four-berth motorhomes with all the latest features at a fraction of the price from new. Visit our motorhome dealership in Cannock, and the Go European sales team will be on hand to answer any questions you have about our used motorhomes.

Need some help? Frequently asked

  • Depending on the class of your motorhome, you may need a special license in order to drive. Generally speaking, driving a motorhome under 3,500kg can be done on a standard UK driving licence. However, if your vehicle is over 3500kg, you will need a C1 category license. We recommend that you check your license before purchasing a motorhome or attempting to drive one without the correct license.

  • Go European motorhomes come in three different classes: A-Class, B-Class and C-Class. A-Class – These are the most luxurious of all motorhomes, with the best features and amenities. B-Class – These are mid-level motorhomes, perfect for families who don’t need some of the luxury features offered in A-Class motorhomes. Coachbuilt or C-Class – These are usually smaller than other classes and often have a truck chassis as its base. They’re perfect for weekend outings and more budget-minded buyers.

  • The right motorhome layout will depend on how many people you plan to accommodate and how they want to sleep. Consider the size and shape of the living space, as well as what type of bedding is offered. Think about any appliances and installations that you may need in your motorhome such as a kitchen, washroom and bathroom. Our team at Go European are here to help you find the perfect motorhome layout for your needs.

  • Yes! Motorhomes represent a great investment that typically hold their value over time. Motorhomes usually feature well-crafted interiors, up-to-date amenities and reliable components, making them a great choice for campers who want to make their investment last. With the proper care and maintenance, your motorhome should stay in good condition for many years to come, offering you excellent value for your money.

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