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New Motorhome Brands

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New Auto-Trail motorhomes

Auto-Trail is firmly one of the most recognisable UK new motorhome brands, and thanks to decades of experience in the sector its products are trusted by many motorhome buyers throughout the country. The Auto-Trail 2020 motorhomes offer something for everyone; from van conversions to coachbuilts and the range of berths and layouts gives you endless choice no matter the lifestyle. In its line-up of 2020 motorhomes, Auto-Trail has introduced the all-new Adventure range, a pop top van conversion that is an ideal travelling companion and everyday vehicle. What’s more, for 2020 Auto-Trail is meeting new heights, offering you the choice of cab or body colour on your new 2020 motorhome. View all of our new Auto-Trail ranges here and discover the unique colouring available to suit your personality.

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New Roller Team motorhomes

Sleek Italian style befitting to its Italian roots is what makes Roller Team motorhomes as renowned and admired as they are. Thanks to the adaptable layouts and spacious designs, motorhomes from Roller Team remain firm favourites in the motorhome market year after year in both the UK and Europe. Island beds, flexible dinettes and spacious U-shaped lounges featured in each range gives the impression of separate rooms and more space. The high-line options featured in the coachbuilt ranges give you extra berths and a loftier ceiling height, helping your new Roller Team motorhome feel even more spacious inside. Roller Team’s 2020 motorhomes present the Toleno van conversion, sporty Zefiro, large Auto-Roller, luxury T-Line and A-Class Pegaso ranges, all of which are available at Go European. Browse the selection of 2020 motorhomes and visit Go European today to choose your new Roller Team.

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New Auto-Sleepers motorhomes

Auto-Sleepers has been designing and building quality new motorhomes and van conversions for over 50 years, so it’s no wonder that year after year its motorhomes are firm UK favourites. Each Auto-Sleepers motorhome is fitted with modern fittings and furniture and thermal insulation for a highly comfortable trip no matter what time of year you travel; and with many optional upgrades to choose from you can truly personalise your new Auto-Sleepers to make it your own. In the 2020 Auto-Sleepers line-up you’ll find a whole host of new features across every refined model, and of course new models too. You can view coachbuilt and van-conversion Auto-Sleepers 2020 motorhomes here at Go European in Staffordshire.

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New Carthago motorhomes

Carthago motorhomes are stylish, modern and reliable, having been rigorously tested against the elements and built by master craftsmen to ensure your new motorhome will last for many years to come. 2020 motorhomes from Carthago are designed with year-round comfort in mind, thanks to protection against lightning and hail, and high-quality insulation. New motorhomes also benefit from a large windscreen for improved visibility of your surroundings and the traffic, and with an ergonomically designed cockpit. Premium quality is also evident throughout the interior of these 2020 motorhomes, thanks to furniture custom made in the Carthago workshop and a spacious feel at the forefront of design, using every inch of space to its full potential. 

Here at Go European we’re stocking Carthago Coachbuilt, A-Class and A-Class Liner motorhomes for the new season, giving you an unrivalled choice of 2020 motorhomes.

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New Malibu motorhomes

A Carthago Malibu motorhome benefits from quality German construction and high-quality design inside and out. As a young brand with quality values, Malibu has built on its 40 years of experience to deliver the impressive selection available this season. Here at Go European we’re stocking the versatile Malibu campervan range that is ideal for the spontaneous traveller. Malibu sets high standards time and time again, with well-thought-out details throughout each interior designed to give you more functionality and comfort. Make sure you view the entire range of Malibu 2020 motorhomes here at Go European.

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New McLouis Fusion motorhomes

Made in Italy, McLouis motorhomes exude style and personality from every angle. The McLouis brand has not been seen in the UK for some time, however since 2019 it returned to the market with brand new models and a new name – McLouis Fusion. Go European is proud to stock the new McLouis Fusion coachbuilt motorhomes, each combining stylish layouts with a high-quality construction. Each new McLouis motorhome is cleverly insulated with a polyester fibre and an aluminium film to keep heat loss to a minimum; this also reduces noise pollution from the outside and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the van. View all McLouis Fusion 2020 motorhomes here at Go European.

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