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New Motorhomes Brands for 2021

New Motorhomes New Motorhomes

New Roller Team motorhomes

Bursting with Italian flair, Roller Team is renowned for their luxurious style and incredible design solutions. With a whole host of models to choose from for 2021, each boasting their own personality and uniqueness whilst holding onto Roller Teams values of innovative modern design and reliability. Thanks to their adaptable layouts and spacious designs, Roller Team remain firm favourites in the motorhome market year-after-year with ever growing popularity. With a range of options available here at Go European including the Toleno, Zefiro, Auto-Roller, T-Line and Pegaso available in a range of models from compact 6m to a spacious 7.5m, Roller Team has created the perfect home-on-wheels for each and every adventurer. Browse our selection of 2021 new motorhomes and visit us at Go European today to choose your new Roller Team motorhome.

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New Auto-Sleepers motorhomes

With it all starting back in 1961, the experience behind Auto-Sleepers is evident through their intricate design and attention to detail in each new motorhome they produce. The 2021 season brings a whole host of choice to our forecourt at Go European, from compact motorhomes for a romantic break for two to spacious motorhomes for the whole family, you’re sure to find everything you need and more within the Auto-Sleepers collection. It’s no surprise that year after year Auto-Sleepers motorhomes are firm favourites here at Go European, with modern and luxurious interiors creating a homely space and amazing thermal insulation so you can travel comfortably all year round, they’re an obvious choice when it comes to picking the perfect companion for your adventures. So why not come down and view the 2021 Auto-Sleepers motorhome range here at Go European today!

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New Carthago motorhomes

Carthago offers so much more than just a good feeling. Built with innovative thinking, an eye for detail, extravagant solutions and a consistent development focus, Carthago motorhomes are a privilege to own, and we are excited to welcome them back here at Go European for the 2021 season. Each Carthago motorhome is designed with year-round comfort in mind, so you can travel to your hearts content knowing that you will have a cosy motorhome to return to at the end of the day. 

Here at Go European we are stocking the Compactline, C-Tourer, Chic C-Line, Chic E-Line, Chic S-Plus, Liner for Two and Malibu Van for the 2021 season, so come visit us today and find your new motorhome.

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New Malibu motorhomes

A Malibu motorhome benefits from quality German construction and high-quality design inside and out. As a young brand with quality values, Malibu has built on its 40 years of experience to deliver the impressive selection available this season. Here at Go European we’re stocking the versatile Malibu campervan range that is ideal for the spontaneous traveller. Malibu sets high standards time and time again, with well-thought-out details throughout each interior designed to give you more functionality and comfort. Make sure you view the entire range of 2021 Malibu campervans here at Go European.

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New McLouis Fusion motorhomes

A white Mclouis Motorhomes manufacturers logo

Here at Go European we are delighted to be stocking McLouis motorhomes again for the 2021 season. Designed with all the features you require for maximum comfort, Mclouis motorhomes are ready to go at the drop of a hat. Made in Italy, McLouis’ ingenious designs exude style and personality from every angle. Fusion models feature a variety of expertly designed practical layouts, including a plethora of high specification equipment, and are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. With each new motorhome built using McLouis’ innovative QPS construction system, creating benefits such as better waterproofing, heat insulation, stability, easy maintenance, high mechanical strength and better soundproofing, these luxurious motorhomes are well built to give you the best experience possible. View all of the McLouis Fusion 2021 new motorhomes for sale here at Go European.

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