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Roller Team Pegaso

The Roller Team Pegaso is packed with Italian power, built on a Fiat Ducato chassis and featuring a 2.2-litre Multijet engine which can provide up to 120bhp. This large four berth A-class motorhome has plenty of social and living space in each of its three different layouts, and plenty of storage, with a variety of sleeping configurations offering a truly versatile motorhome range designed for couples or small families.

Premium Italian build

The Pegaso range showcases Italian flair, too, offering a lot of home comforts and luxury. The 590 has a sub 6-metre chassis, including a spacious rear washroom and an L-shaped kitchen area with plenty of space to cater for your travelling party. It also features a space-saving drop-down double bed. The Pegaso 740 also features a drop down double over the cab plus a rear island bed with two wardrobes, closed into its own private and secluded bedroom by the mid transverse washroom. The largest of the models, the Pegaso 745, is the perfect blend of form and function and boasts an extravagant feel – from the smooth drop-down bed and perfectly curved lockers to a U-shaped rear lounge, front dinette and additional storage space on the floor.

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