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motorhome packing list

Motorhome Packing List


  1. Kitchen essentials for your motorhome trip
  2. Technical essentials for your motorhome trip
  3. Practical essentials for your motorhome trip
  4. European essentials for your motorhome trip

Going on holiday is a thrill at the best of times, but embarking on your very first motorhome trip is one of the most exciting you can take, wherever the destination. Spending time in your home from home while in control of your own destiny will elevate an ad hoc adventure to completely unforgettable. New motorhomes can provide a real sense of excitement, but due to their ‘fresh from the forecourt’ status they’re not quite lived in yet, not quite packed properly…

There is, though, some planning required in advance for things to really go with a zing – and amidst this planning is your packing. What exactly should you take with you so that you are prepared at all times during a unique journey? Which items are you going to need? In this edition of our blog we’ll offer a comprehensive motorhome packing list featuring a bunch of suggestions which will see you right.

Kitchen essentials for your motorhome trip

There are various kitchen-type things you can pack which will ensure a better kitchen experience when you are out and about on your motorhome break or holiday.

Cutlery and crockery: You are certain to be eating homemade or home-cooked food while out on the road, so it’s important to pack some cutlery and crockery. You don’t have to box up your Nan’s best China, though, as there are ‘travel versions’ available, made from materials which are less likely to break. Similarly, take pans if you are going to need them – but only the ones you will actually need (frying pan, saucepan, etc)

Storage containers: These serve a very useful purpose in the kitchen. Rather than take large boxes of cereals or pasta (etc) away on your trip, work out in advance how much of each you are likely to need. Transfer this amount from the original packaging into stackable storage containers, and you will save yourself a lot of cupboard space.

Staple foods: Ensuring that you have packed a supply of staple foods. This will ensure you always have something to cook and will never run out of food (as long as you ‘top up’ in a supermarket when you’re on the road for a long time). Staples means foods like pasta, rice, tins of baked beans and soup, etc.

Tin foil / cling film: These two items are versatile kitchen staples, essential for wrapping food. You’ll be cooking when you’re on the road in your motorhome, so rather than waste the excess food you’ve prepared, use tin foil and cling film (as appropriate) to keep things fresh.

Bottled water: It is always worth having a stock of bottled water onboard when you’re on a trip. Ensuring hydration while you’re on the go is a smart move – particularly if you’re going to be spending regular time away from the motorhome.

Technical essentials for your motorhome trip

Technology can enhance the motorhome lifestyle, providing convenience and connectivity. A list of potential tech to take includes the following.

Devices: Don’t forget to take your mobile phone – whether you are a daily user who carries it around in your pocket and relies on it for all manner of things from list-making to games to news to social contact, or a casual who checks it a couple of times a day, you’d be lost without it. Plus, it could prove essential in the event of any emergencies.

Portable charger: There’s hardly anyone in the civilised world, these days, who doesn’t have some form of everyday device that requires regular charging – a mobile phone, a tablet, a smart watch… Packing a charger (for each device, if the connection ports are different) means you can keep your devices powered throughout your journey, even in remote locations.

Disc player: In the unlikely event of your onboard TV system being unable to stream using a web connection, then having a portable disc player aboard (along with a few discs featuring your favourite films or TV programmes) will mean those ‘family cinema nights’ can still go ahead when you’re on your travels.

Practical essentials for your motorhome trip

Preparation is key when it comes to motorhome life, and a big part of this is packing the right practical items. Some essential practical items to pack include the following.

First aid kit: Prioritising safety when you’re on the road is important. You probably take it for granted, at home, that there are medical supplies and equipment close at hand. Extend this ‘security blanket’ to your motorhome by packing a comprehensive first aid kit that is equipped to handle any minor injuries or emergencies. Ensure it has medicine, plasters, bandages, ointments, creams, powders, insect repellents, anti-histamines etc… In short, everything you could possibly need to tackle anything that might come up.

Earplugs: One of the best things in modern life has been the seriously scientific development of ear plugs – those small blobs of foam which lock out unwanted noise. These days the best ones are super-scientifically engineered with high quality materials and meticulously tested to ensure they filter out all the noise you don’t want. Packing these as part of your kit will translate into restful sleep, especially if you are parked up in bustling surroundings.

Torch: Ensure you can illuminate your surroundings and stay prepared for night-time excursions or emergencies by packing a torch. These days there are still torches which can be powered by replaceable AA or AAA batteries (easily available in shops and supermarkets), though increasingly USB charging is favoured by torch manufacturers. A torch, really, is an essential.

European essentials for your motorhome trip

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a big difference on your motorhome holiday. All of the following are worth packing amongst your essential extras.

Pet passport: If you are travelling in Europe with your pet (or pets), you must ensure that you have prepared and packed all of the necessary documentation to comply with the law. This will include a pet passport. Use the internet to research any particular legal requirements for each country you intend to visit.


How to pack a motorhome is intertwined with what you need to take. For instance, using different methods to pack clothes (vacuum packing or hangers etc) but armed with our comprehensive list of packing reminders, you can now embark on your motorhome holiday with confidence. Take on the open road and all of the adventures ahead of you – with all of the right kit onboard your home from home!

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