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Kids In Motorhomes Rule The UK, OK!?


  1. Board Games / Card Games
  2. TV / Video Games
  3. Reading
  4. Cricket and other ball games
  5. Paddling pool
  6. Walking

One of the joys of parenthood is taking the kids away on holiday and having a fantastic fun-packed break from the domestic routines which can wear every member of a family down. Shooting off to somewhere special can be a great thing to do. It will help bonding, and keep everyone connected and communicating. The ‘somewhere special’ we refer to here doesn’t necessarily mean some luxury destination or beauty spot, either. It’s a subjective term and could mean a basic campsite where you happened to have one of the best weeks of your family life…

A great way for everyone to get involved in the family vibe is to share activities, perhaps by playing games or sports – but it’s also important to have plenty of things to keep the kids amused and entertained in those moments where not everyone is available to join in. This is particularly important if the kids are younger. As a reputable dealer of new motorhomes, each and every part of your journey is important to us and so, in this edition of our blog, we’re going to run through a handful of great things you can provide to keep everyone entertained – especially the kids!

1.   Board Games / Card Games

Board games and card games are always pretty good fun, especially when there is the optimum number of people taking part. Board games can become quite competitive and occasionally boisterous, and are a great way to let off steam and have some laughs. There are some brilliant classic board games – Cluedo, Monopoly etc – and there are some more , For smaller kids it’s an idea. To have some simple games which can be played individually rather than as part of a group.

2.   TV / Video Games

Okay, so this is the kind of stuff that, as parents, you probably want to get your kids away from when you take them on holiday. The often solitary nature of video console games can be a bit of a pain – and that could double when you’re away. You’ve taken the family somewhere beautiful and all one of the kids wants to do is sit staring at a screen! On the other hand, setting up some kind of family tournament could be a great way to bond. Limit the amount of time spent on the console, keep things tight for time, and it could turn into a positive.

3.   Reading

One of life’s greatest pleasures – and one that can last a whole lifetime – is reading. Settling down with a great book is a way to escape from the moment, and take yourself off somewhere else for a while. Whether you’re an adult reading thrillers or romance, or a child captivated by Harry Potter, reading will fill some time and stretch the mind in a really healthy way. On a motorhome holiday you can take along books to keep everyone entertained, not just the kids!

4.   Cricket and other ball games

Nothing in life is more important than cricket, or better than it. That is one of the most open secrets there is – one of those things that only those who play or watch the sport know. You don’t have to be invited into the cricket world, you can just dive in and immerse yourself. At root it’s a very very simple game, but all of the nuances make it something truly extraordinary and incredibly rewarding. You’ll find that if you have a family game of cricket you can make it as basic or as deeply involving as you like, but you will have massive amounts of fun either way. We’re obliged to say: Other reputable ball games (or racquet sports) are available. Football, tennis, badminton, swing ball…

5.   Paddling pool

However many millions or billions of years ago it was that man’s earliest ancestor’s first slithered out of the slime, water has held a central role in our lives. We literally cannot exist without it. Water play is an important part of a child’s development, and they gain a lot from mucking about in nature’s finest resource. Setting up a simple paddling pool for the kids to kick around in can be a really great way to provide hours of entertainment – and can even be really useful if the weather is particularly hot. Of course, you don’t want to drain down the water tanks of your motorhome to fill the pool, so perhaps this one is best done when you are parked at a facility which can provide enough of the wet stuff!

6.   Walking

Going for a family walk can be a great way to keep everyone entertained. Okay, so most kids have a period in their growth when they don’t want to walk anywhere, but that’s okay. If you make the walk exciting – a nature trail, an adventure trail, an ‘i-spy’ game, a learning experience – then you will probably be able to easily capture their imaginations and ‘take them with you’. If the area you are holidaying in has some great scenery that’s going to please everyone, and if there are impressive landmarks along the route of your walk then even better.



There are, of course, loads more suggestions for things to keep the kids entertained both inside and outside the motorhome – but in this blog we’ve given you a great handful to try. All parts of your journey are important to us here at Go European, and so we hope everyone has a fantastic time on holiday. If you have any other suggestions of ways to keep the kids happy on holiday, please do let us know. We’d love to hear your suggestions. Safe and happy travels!

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