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Best Family Motorhome Layouts for Motorhoming Beginners


  1. Bunk bed layouts
  2. Twin bed layouts
  3. Motorhomes with garage
  4. Next steps!

Setting off on a family motorhome adventure is an exciting way to create lasting memories, explore new destinations, and spend quality time together. When choosing the ideal motorhome layout for your family, especially if you are completely new to owning a motorhome, there are several factors to consider, including motorhome layouts. Whether you opt for bunk beds, twin beds, or a motorhome with a spacious garage, each layout offers unique benefits to accommodate the needs of your family.

Bunk bed layouts

Bunk bed layouts are a popular choice for families, offering fun and convenience. These configurations typically feature bunk beds to the rear of the motorhome. Bunk beds are a great choice, especially if you are travelling with children, offering you:

  • Space efficiency: bunk beds maximise space, allowing families to comfortably sleep children in a compact area.
  • Privacy: individual bunk beds provide a sense of privacy for each family member, even in a confined space.
  • Additional safety: bunk beds often come equipped with safety rails to prevent accidents during the night, making them a great option for families with younger children.

Bunk bed layouts are becoming harder to come by these days, however some of the most popular manufacturers including Pilote and Roller Team continue to cater to this layout option. The Roller Team Zefiro 675 and the Pilote P696S Expression offer superb configurations for families, with a whole host of functional features. Our stock is consistently rotating, so keep updated with our latest stock using our vehicle stock alerts.

Twin bed layouts

Providing flexibility and comfort for family motorhome travel, twin bed layouts are proving extremely popular. In this type of layout, two separate beds are most often located at the rear of the motorhome, giving you:

  • Versatility: twin beds can be converted into a larger sleeping area if needed, creating a comfortable space for parents and children.
  • Comfort: offering individual sleeping spaces and the convenience of your own personal space.
  • Even more storage: the space beneath the twin beds can be used for additional storage, making it easier to keep the motorhome organised.

From luxury Coachman to supremely spacious A-Class Carthago, there’s so much choice when it comes to fixed single bed layouts. The Coachman Travel Master 565 along with a number of our Carthago Chic C-Line models are available in this layout, whilst offering an additional two berths, usually with a drop-down double bed to the front, giving you some of the best motorhomes for a family of 4 on the market right now.

Motorhomes with garage

For families who love outdoor activities and bringing along a variety of gear and equipment, motorhomes with large garages are a fantastic option. These garages are typically located at the rear or side of the motorhome and provide ample space to store bikes, camping gear, kayaks, and more. Located to the exterior of the motorhome, it’s easy to load and unload gear, keeping everything secure and out of the way when not in use.

Most of our new and used motorhomes have a spacious garage with the exception of our campervans. Some of our top picks include:

  • The Carthago Chic S-Plus range, with huge scooter garage to the side of the motorhome, accessible from the large external door.
  • Roller Team Zefiro 685, with side garage located underneath the single bed layout.
  • Coachman Travel Master 545 hosting a garage and exterior storage beneath a luxury island bed layout.

Next steps!

Before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to consider factors such as the number of family members, your preferred travel style, and the activities you’ll engage in during your motorhome adventures. With the right motorhome layout, your family can hit the road with confidence, ready to create cherished memories together. Here at Go European, we sell a huge range of new and used family motorhomes for sale, equipped with versatile sleeping arrangements with up to 6 berths for all the family, and something for every budget. Check out our current stock or fill out our stock alerts form with your desired layout to stay up to date about our latest stock.

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