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Carthago motorhome with side awning pop out

2024: What’s New for Carthago Motorhomes?


  1. The C-Tourer range for 2024
  2. Carthago Liner For Two 53-L
  3. Get in touch

Two innovative models and a new superior special edition mean that 2024 promises to be a big year for German motorhome manufacturer Carthago. The C-Tourer is a very popular fully integrated motorhome which now offers an upgrade for the 145 RB LE model range, showcasing maximum comfort, exclusive liner quality and a unique layout like never before.

The C-Tourer range for 2024


These new C-Tourer 145 RB LE models (available on either a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or a Fiat Ducato cab) are equipped with an AL-KO chassis. Each model comes with two engine options – 140 or 180bhp for the Ducato, and 150 or 170bhp for the Sprinter – plus a choice of a standard 6-speed manual gearbox or 9-speed automatic.

The new C-Tourer 145 RB LE ranges from 6.98m to 7.18m (depending on the version you choose) in alignment with Carthago’s commitment to shorter 3,500kg motorhomes. Enhancements to the exterior look include a hail-resistant roof, a redesigned rear panel, curved corner pillars and distinctive rear lights.


Interior living

The interior layout features fixed rear single beds – easily accessible with optional pull-out steps. The beds can be converted into a spacious sleeping area, complemented by divided mattresses and slats.


Wardrobe space beneath the beds gives easy access to your clothes when required, which are conveniently stored when not required. There is a spacious garage beneath this rear bedroom area which can easily accommodate bikes or a scooter, for those who are set on an outdoor adventure holiday. The washroom can be transformed into a sizable en-suite, making for a comfortable and relaxing ‘private area.’


The kitchen and L-shaped lounge (with additional seat) make for a fantastic social space whether you are travelling as a family or with friends. A 32” flatscreen television means entertainment is only the flick of a switch away when the board games have run dry.


Other features include:

  • One-level living area floor
  • Swing-out shoe cabinet (in the base of the settee)
  • Accent lighting in the footwell
  • Easy-to-move table (pedal operated)
  • Double floor including heated storage compartment (usable height 55.5 cm)
  • Outside access via several large hatches


For those looking for a little extra luxury, the A-class C-Tourer 145 RB LE is available as the Superior edition, which showcases brand-specific Carthago full LED headlights and Nuovo styling on the interior (including high-gloss ivory overhead locker doors and Brilliant Ash accents). The Smartline-plus high-quality furniture design, continuous one-level

living area floor, L-shaped lounge seating area including ergonomically designed furniture and top-quality upholstery, plus extra-large beds with sleeping areas up to 200 cm long, make for a truly superior experience.

Carthago Liner For Two 53-L

Couples looking for a truly spectacular on the road experience will fall in love with the Carthago Liner-For-Two 53L – the pinnacle of luxury leisure vehicle travel. This top quality A-Class is a motorhome masterpiece tailored for travellers who require the finest.



With a distinctive four room concept, comfort and practicality combine with luxury in a way that only Carthago can produce. The circular rear lounge seating area is the ultimate in on-the-road sophistication, offering panoramic views of whichever stunning location you park at, through three large windows and a stunning panoramic skylight above.


Domestic living

The kitchen of the 2024 Liner For Two defines culinary quality. A large, curved worktop features a Corian anti-drip edge, and features a gourmet-standard three-ring hob with glass cover, and six large drawers. Aesthetics and functionality combine exceptionally well, and the preparation for mealtimes will be a pleasure not a chore. The spa-inspired luxury washroom features a rain shower with a soothing dark granite look, marble-designed shower walls and an illuminated corner pillar. A great space to chill out and get clean!



The large garage in the Liner For Two means that your adventure gear can be packed and stored effortlessly within a space featuring an interior height of up to 145 cm. Perfect for outdoor adventure couples to stow away their bikes and scooters. Inside, with a living area wardrobe (with coat hooks) plus the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe integrated into the changing room, your essentials can be stored with ease.

With the customary attention to detail provided by Carthago, the Liner For Two exudes sophistication, and the quality craftsmanship lends an air of elegance. This motorhome can be your haven for romantic weekends away or longer periods on the road exploring. All amenities and features have been meticulously designed to elevate the sense of comfort and pleasure, without any compromise on power, performance and practicality.


Get in touch

Here at Go European we’re proud to be a Carthago dealer offering exceptional new Carthago motorhomes for 2024. You can view them on our website, but that’s no real substitute for the wow factor you’ll feel when you make an appointment to come and see them here at our showroom.

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