New Highliner I Motorhome

The payload world champion

You are on your way to the top, and that is why the Highliner on the Iveco Daily chassis suits you so well. It is difficult to not call it a liner, since its genes can be doubtlessly traced to the premium range liner – the liner de luxe. That can be easily seen in the seat position in the raised driver’s cabin and the extremely strong walls with a total thickness of 48 mm. Highlights are the innovative dashboard in motor yacht design and the steering wheel that can be swivelled away to the front. Noticeable – because they can’t be noticed – are the bus hatches, which are seamlessly integrated in the side wall of the vehicle. The capacity of the huge storage spaces located behind them is scarcely imaginable. The large water reserves guarantee high self-sufficiency even on long journeys without external supply.


+ Premium comfort

Generous lounge seating with chaise longue and long side couch
Comfortable Vario luxury bathroom including two ceiling-high wardrobes
Fully insulated GRP driver's cabin module offset upward and forward: best visibility “Liner” driving feeling
Innovative dashboard in motor yacht design with wood / leather steering wheel that can be swivelled away upwards Iveco Daily 65C / 70C, sturdy and extremely viable high frame chassis
Modern GRP rear of the bus with sandwich rear wall underneath
High additional load reserves, 6.5 t to 7.49 t permitted gross vehicle weight
+ Freedom and independence

Water supply: 265 litres fresh water, 205 litres waste water, optional 155 litre fixed tank for faeces
Electricity capacity: 2 x 140 Ah gel batteries, can be increased to a total 560 Ah
all encompassing heating and insulation concept, ALDE hot water heating technology
Exterior bus hatches with parallelogram technology for loading the double floor and storage area; Spacious scooter garage: 130 cm interior height
+ Fist class driving comfort

High traction rear-wheel drive, dual wheels; High tow loads up to 3.5 t
Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept

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