New Chic S-Plus I Motorhome

Self-sufficiency world champion on Iveco Daily with rear-wheel drive

The chic s-plus can not and does not deny its Liner genes. Optically and technically identical with the chic e-line, primarily the s-plus has a different chassis. Here, a particularly sturdy Iveco Daily delivers continuous driving pleasure. Thanks to the high additional load capacities, the high-traction rear drive and the towed load of up to 3.5 tons, you do not need to do without anything. You only notice the innovative dashboard in motor yacht design after taking a second look as its design and material of the furniture construction adapts the harmonic integration of the driver's cabin area in the living area. In order to be able to rotate the drivers seat into the living area easily, the wooden leather steering wheel can be swivelled forwards.


+ Premium comfort

Interior space concept with an enormous 211 cm standing height in the living area
Extra comfortable front round seating group for up to 6 people
Innovative dashboard in motor yacht design with wood / leather steering wheel that can be swivelled away upwards Iveco Daily 50C sturdy and extremely viable high frame chassis
Modern GRP rear of the bus with sandwich rear wall underneath
High additional load reserves, permitted gross vehicle weight up to 5.6 t
+ Freedom and independence

Fresh water: 235 litres, waste water: 190 litres, optional fixed tank for faeces: 140 litres
Electricity capacity: 2 x 80 Ah gel batteries, can be increased to a total 240 Ah
ALDE warm water heating system from the liner premium class
Climate storage double floor, loadable from inside and outside
Huge Jumbo exterior storage space with central through-loading area
Scooter garage: Up to 130 cm interior height
+ Fist class driving comfort

High traction rear-wheel drive, dual wheels
High tow loads up to 3.5 t
Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept

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