New Chic E-Line I Motorhome

Self-sufficiency world champion for maximum freedom and independence

Drive with a world champion! The chic e-line is the self-sufficiency champion, as its electricity, water and storage space capacities are unique in this class. With its outstanding year-round suitability and its thermal concept, it appeals to all those in search of independence. With regard to living comfort, it sets standards with its space concept with a whole 211 cm standing height in the living area and the particularly cosy front round seating group for up to six people.

linerclass with tandem axle
With the linerclass version, the chic e-line delivers proof that there is even room for improvement for a world champion. As the name says, the linerclass borrows strongly from this superior class. Apart from the high load capacity due to the permitted gross vehicle weight of 5.0 tonnes that results from the AL-KO tandem axle chassis, the modern GRP rear section also clearly references the highliner and the liner de luxe. An even higher tank volume and an optional faeces tank provide even more freedom and independence.


+ Premium comfort

Interior space concept with an enormous 211 cm standing height in the living area
Comfortable front round seating group for up to 6 people
Fiat AL-KO low frame Special Carthago with single axle (yachting), tandem axle (linerclass)
4.5 t gross vehicle weight/5.0 t gross vehicle weight

+ Freedom and independence

Fresh water supply up to 235 l, 190 l of waste water
Electricity capacity: 2 x 80 Ah gel batteries, can be increased to a total 240 Ah
ALDE warm water heating system from the liner premium class
Climate storage double floor, loadable from inside and outside
Huge Jumbo exterior storage space with central through-loading area
Scooter garage: Up to 130 cm interior height
+ Fist class driving comfort

Safety equipment airbag, ESP (yachting), ABS, ASR, Hillholder
Increased comfort - front axle springs
Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept

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