New Chic C-Line T Motorhome

The premium semi-integrated - extravagant and comfortable

It is extravagant, luxurious, comfortable and unique at the same time. It’s high-tech on four wheels. With the chic c-line semi-integrated, you are stepping up to a class of its own: the premium class. Discover the unique charm of this series with its advantages that make the chic c-line T stand up from the other semi-integrated vehicles on offer on the market and provides it with its independence.


+ Premium comfort

Comfort floor plans and large L-shaped seating group with wide side bench, corner kitchen
Stylish and elegant living area and furniture design
AL-KO low frame special Carthago
permitted gross vehicle weight up to 4.5 t
+ Freedom and independence

Jumbo external storage space with large exterior hatch and load-through storage area
170 litre fresh water volume
2 x 80 Ah body batteries
+ Fist class driving comfort

Safety equipment airbag, ESP, ABS, ASR, Hillholder
+ Premium-class added value

Climate storage double floor, loadable from inside and outside
Optional: ALDE hot water heating technology

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