New Chic C-Line I Motorhome

The all-rounder – extravagant and comfortable in new v-face design

It is a pioneer and trendsetter in lightweight construction and therefore, for a high practical payload. In the new generation, it is more attractive, luxurious and comfortable than ever. It offers high-tech on four wheels and pure living comfort. With the chic c-line, you are on your way up to the premium class. Discover the unique charm of one of the most successful integrated motorhome in its segment.
The new generation II of the chic c-line Integrated with the innovative v-face design.


+ Extra comfort

Comfort floor plan with large L-shaped seating group and corner kitchen
Stylish and elegant living area and furniture design
AL-KO low frame special Carthago
Gross vehicle weight 3.5 t to 4.5 t
+ Freedom and independence

Jumbo external storage space with large exterior hatch and load-through area
170 litre fresh water volume
2 x 80 Ah body battery
+ Fist class driving comfort

Safety equipment airbag, ESP, ABS, ASR, Hillholder
Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept – Angle of vision extended to the top
+ Premium-class added value

Climate storage double floor, loadable from inside and outside
Single level living area floor
optional ALDE hot water heating technology

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