New C-Compactline Motorhome

A real Carthago in the new 3 ton weight class – 15 cm narrower, a width of only 2.12 m

It is as fit as a top competitive athlete: with the new c-compactline I, the premium brand Carthago has extended their product range of integrated motorhomes. The new c-compactline I is characterised by its great handling thanks to its width of only 212 cm. With a weight from 2,830 kg, the c-compactline I is nudging the low weight record at the same time. The new Carthago belongs to the c-tourer family which is why it also has all genes of the Liner premium class. With this combination, Carthago c-compactline I continues with a new standard in the 3.0 ton weight class of integrated motorhomes.


+ Lightweight in the premium class - all ready to drive from 2,830 kg

Compact main cabin width with a width of only 212 cm
Vehicle height with double floor only 289 cm
High additional load reserves, also as 3.5 ton motorhome
AL-KO low frame special Carthago
Gross vehicle weight 3.5 t to 4.25 t
+ Fist class driving comfort

Safety equipment airbag, ESP, ABS, ASR, Hillholder
Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept
+ Premium-class added value

Carthago chassis construction design
Liner premium class main cabin design
Air-conditioned double floor loadable from the inside
Single level living area floor
Hot air storage heating system

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