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New McLouis Motorhome Ranges

New McLouis New McLouis

The McLouis Fusion Motorhomes

For the 2019 season, McLouis motorhomes are returning to the UK market with the new McLouis Fusion motorhome range. This five model McLouis motorhomes range consists of a number of layouts to suit your lifestyle, with luxurious island beds or space saving transverse options. All McLouis Fusion coachbuilts come with a wide, lowered garage door for more comfortable loading of larger items. The wood-free manufacturing process provides higher heat insulation and more stability.

The McLouis Fusion motorhome range is designed to provide all the comforts of home wherever you next travel to, with practical payloads up to 4,400kg to ensure that you can bring everything you need. When it’s time to relax, clever use of LED lighting provides a warm, calm ambience to enjoy the evening in. The Fusion range of McLouis motorhomes is now available to view at Go European, enquire today to arrange a viewing.  

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