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The Carthago Ranges

The Carthago The Carthago


The range of stylish and dynamic semi-integrated motorhomes from Carthago is built with both the safety-conscious and style loving in mind. Thanks to an optimised aerodynamic body, enjoy an easy drive with unspoilt views in the slender drivers cab with large windscreen and sunroof.

The semi-integrated motorhomes from Carthago include the lightweight C-Tourer T range and the Chic C-Line T range, each sleeping up to five people inside spacious layouts. These highly desirable motorhomes are of premium quality, evidenced by bespoke furniture and meticulous testing.


This range of generously spaced integrated motorhomes from Carthago is not to be missed. Featuring the Compact Line, C-Tourer I and Chic C-Line, each integrated motorhome contains swivel seats and a fold down bed, transforming the living area from a luxury seating area to bedroom at the touch of a button.

These spacious motorhomes are deceivingly lightweight, with each one setting the benchmark for design and build quality in the 3.5 tonne weight class for premium integrated motorhomes. These motorhomes would also be ideal for families as they can sleep up to five people.

Integrated Liner

These fully integrated liner class motorhomes are the ultimate in style and luxury. Each one with a generously high specification; they are fitted with premium interior design features ensuring your next trip is luxurious and worry free.

Enjoy an unrivalled view of the surrounding landscape thanks to a panoramic windscreen, and the drivers cab blends seamlessly into the living area providing a fantastic feeling of space. The integrated liner motorhomes comprise of the Chic E-Line and the Chic S-Plus ranges, both comfortably sleeping five people thanks to clever drop-down beds.