New Malibu Motorhome

The feelgood factor
- Living room table expandable by a rotating base table
- Comfortable living area seating with high quality seat cushions
- home lighting ambience with numerous LeDLichtspots
- Furniture connecting equipment with multiple bonded wood and double
- Fliegengitterplissee standard sliding door behind

The recovery factor
- Extra storage space by approximately orbiting overhead storage bins in the rear
- Convenient wall storage on both sides
- Spacious bed sizes, high quality 7-zone cold foam mattresses
- Comfortable bed home thanks entrance stairway
- Extra large rear storage space under the rear beds
lined side walls with high quality microfiber wall covering -
- Option: the bed convertible resident group

The wellness factor
- Space-saving sliding door to the bathroom keeps the living space through free
- Bathroom magnification by swing-away toilet
- Plenty of room in the wash and use the toilet
- Shower by stable folding wall separable

The enjoyment factor
Multifunction the sink cover by hooking into the sunken: - kitchen work surface 2-fold expandable
wall rail and swing-away work surface extension on the opposite side
- Spacious drawer runners in the kitchen area and large overhead storage bins
positioned compressor refrigerator handle height up: Option -

The Stauraumfakto r
- Practical larder in the residence Bank
- Patent fitting seat cover: access to the underlying storage without padding removal
- Practical shoe compartment in double floor under the living area seating area
- Wardrobe with hangers depth
- Large linen storage space above the cab with front flap
- space for two large gas bottles
makes folding away the rear beds - - Large rear storage space for large cargo area with through-loading facility in
the interior


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